Sports Weather Service.... for Bookmakers

The impact of weather on sport cannot be doubted and astute bookmakers have long recognised the need for highly focussed sporting meteorologists to be part of their day to day armoury. That’s why British Weather Services are leaders when it comes to providing timely global sporting weather updates to some of the world’s biggest bookmakers.

We cover all forms of weather impacted sports, including cricket, football (soccer), NFL, AFL, college football, rugby league, rugby union, formula 1 GP, golf, horse racing advance goings....and so much more – and across all parts of the globe.

The service is easy to understand and kicks in some 3-4 days ahead of the event. For example, we colour code each match/event - green, amber or red. For green matches, we don’t expect any weather impact but they give traders the confidence to move ahead without looking over their shoulder. Amber matches we expect some impact in some form and this may be subsequently upgraded or downgraded depending upon how the weather shapes up. Red matches are however the biggy....significant weather impact expected and a likely effect on markets such as total match points and match handicaps, for example. Each match also carries a short narrative of explanation/confidence. For cricket, we also predict expected overs - an invaluable assessment of degree or weather impact, so important to so many trading markets.

If your company is genuinely interested in testing our service, we offer a two week FREE trial. Simply let us know what sports are of interest and we will quote accordingly and then get things moving for you. What have you got to lose?

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