Weather matters; it changes the outcomes of a wide range of weather sensitive sports markets across the globe. We know it and the bookmakers know it - that’s why British Weather Services supply some of the biggest names in the sports gambling arena. Yes, bookmakers have the edge..... but now you too can have a selected part of the action!

On our password protected Sporting Weather Forecast page, we carefully select weather impacted matches from a wide range of sports – including football, NFL, college football, cricket, AFL, rugby league, rugby union, F1GP and golf. Various listed fixtures/matches/tournaments will be shown in red (high weather impact), amber (some weather impact) & green (little or no weather-impact), with the weather-type explained, along with a steer towards the betting market likely to be impacted.

For example, we might post advance weather on a cricket test match in Cape Town several days before the off, but with long-term indicators pointing to repeat rain days, and in consequence a higher chance of the draw result. Or, we might post a wet and windy NFL match in New York, which would tend to lead to lower points being scored. Or, we might put up what we think will be a snowy and windy football match in Germany, that will tend to make the game a leveller i.e. it should reduce the favourite’s chance of winning, as well as the number of goals scored. The selection list is endless but even knowing that a match has no or little potential for weather impact (green) can be valuable in itself.

Bottom line and although we won’t be posting the full-on bookmaker service, YOU will have the best possible sporting meteorological knowledge on your side; allowing you to bet our selected impact weather matches with confidence. All you need to do is to peruse the webpage at your leisure, take onboard the information shown and make your decision.

If you are interested in having an invaluable sports betting edge, supplied to you by experienced sports meteorologists, at an affordable cost, simply email -:, stating who you are and who you represent (if any); and by return we will send you a short contract form, along with the cost/payment details.

British Weather Services - shining a light in the dark places of our sporting world!